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For newcomers, how do you navigate? We have arranged the shops categories accordingly as you can see.

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Other categories are NOT arranged according to delivery methods. Do take note!

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Julie ♥

Notice Board

Hello dear readers and shop owners,

Blogger and Gmail is really being difficult. When I'm logged into Blogger, Gmail doesn't work. When I log into Gmail to view mail, Blogger doesn't work. @_@ Omgosh.

Do be very patient with this review blog. ): It'll be verry slow.

BACK at the end of SEPT! WHEEE! Finally, the semester break! :D:D No promises, but I'll be back. (:

The Owner

It's about time the readers know who the owner of this review site is.(:
Perhaps I'm a nobody, perhaps someone familiar from the past, or simply just a familiar face.

Perhaps she owned some blogshop, or a review site previously, but now, she is simply just the owner of Kitty Tales Review and Boutique. :D

Let's start off with a simple biodata.

Nickname : Julie Belle
Age : 18+
D.O.B. : 20th December
Studies at : UTAR PJ
Course : Graphics Design and Multimedia
Interests : Blogging, FB-ing, ice-skating, photography, modelling, singing. Plenty will be left unsaid.
Loves : Plushies, cows & cats(literally the plushies and the animals themselves), chocolate milk, the colour PINK.

Most of all,

She's simply adorable. (:
I even have my own collection of Hello Kitty items! Priceless. ;P
P.S. If you have Hello Kitty stuff for sales, do email me! I would purchase them without third thoughts!

That is basically all you need to know about me. To catch up on why sometimes I'm behind schedule on reviewing and updating this blog, check me out on my own personal blog :

Now, how do I actually manage this blog with my bad time-management? Easy.

How do I link people? I have put up a specific and simple instruction on how to be linked.

1.Simply fill up the linking form and click send. One way or another, even if it take years, I will link you. (:
2. Send in your own plain email with no format, but title must be 'LINK/LINKING' or any title that has 'Link' in it. (:
3. There are chances to be linked via the CBox, but I highly do not recommend leaving comments asking me to link you from there. Sometimes, I just don't see them. (: That CBox is mainly for readers <=> shoppers.

It seems that my reviews on a certain blogshop takes a cycle of 50 blogshops or more. But it really isn't that way. There's a method to how I review people. A real lazy one. xD

1. I look at emails on updates first. Since they have the initiative to update me, I put more initiative on updating on them. :D
2. When I newly link blogshop, about 90% of them will get reviewed. Each day, more than 10 shops are linked. These lucky newbies will get reviewed from me.
3. I look up on my favourite shops to see whether they have new pretty items. If yes, they'll be reviewed!
4. Check up on blogrolls and see who has latest updates. (: Only happens when I'm too bored or too free.
5. I do not review on Taiwan imported stuffs as I, myself is selling the same items. Hey, its kinda weird helping people take your business away right? Sorry blog owners selling these items! ):

Kitty Tales Boutique
How do I actually handle a review site AND a blogshop? It's nothing! Well, since my blogshop is actually just pre-orders, it's pretty simple. But it can be a little pesky at times.

1. I try to have small updates every week to keep my stock and customers updated.
2. Have to re-type all details on each clothing.
3. Photoshop time~! Photoshopping each picture just to add on Kitty Tales' logo and label each of them by their colours is time-consuming. There even are over 100 photos at times. Depending on how many colours and designs.
4. Uploading picts and posts takes forever as my Internet is reaally slow. -.-"

All in all, this review site was not made to earn money. Well, not YET. Advertising space will be opened soon. But before it opens, I will be having a contest and for those who are lucky, FREE advert space! YIPPEEE! However, reviewing is just my hobby. Or just a task I do to fill up my time. I know this was supposed to be a short post about me, but at least now you get the idea of who I am, what I how, how I do it. :D

Thanks for reading! :D