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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Special Post

Hey dear readers, this will be my last post before I go overseas. (: This post is not a review, it's just a post put up for those blogshops who have sent me mail regarding sales/event giveaways. Enjoy!

Long Champ Pre-Order!
What is long champ? A series of pre-order bags!
They are offering more than then "usual and common" Long Champ bags!
Come and grab the opportunity to stand out among the crowd!

Prices are better than those bags you find in branded stores!
CLOSING DATE: 20th May 2010!!
Items will arrive mid- June or earlier!

Oh yeah, they requested for me to put up a notice for SG shoppers! (: They now have delivery to Singapore for all items. Service commences in July.

So please visit their blogshop by clicking the ShopName above. (: Don't miss it!

Now, another great deal from Princess Dairy Wardrobe!
Great deals for members and non-members of this blogshop.

ALL Beauty Ampoules (Injections) ARE ON 30% SALES! + FREE DELIVERY!

Purchase more than RM500 will be entitle for a gift!

This is in conjunction for Mother's Day tomorrow. How sweet of her right?
e sure to visit this health blogshop before the sales ends on 30th May!